Favorite Erin Condren Products

If you saw my desk and the amount of Erin Condren boxes I have, you’d know that I LOVE her stuff! I’ve been an Erin Condren customer since 2012 and have used her Life Planner on and off over the years. I’ve consistently been using her planner more recently  the last few years, but she has so many other amazing products that have become some of my favorites! I want to share with you my TOP 3 favorite Erin Condren products. 

Aside from the Life Planner, these are my current favorites that I use on a regular basis. Let’s start with #3 and make our way to my favorite.

3. Colorful Dual-Tip Markers

I love these markers for so many reasons. They are dual sided, with a medium point and a fine point. When I have a hectic week, I’ll often use these in my planner when planning out my week. They are so functional and I love how it looks when using both sides of the marker.

2. Reusable Bag

These bags are so functional! I use them every time I go to the grocery store; they are much larger than the standard plastic bag and can fit so much into them! They are extremely durable, functional and cute. I mean, who wouldn’t want to carry things around town in these?!

I use these for more than just groceries. The other day when I went to Old Navy, instead of putting the clothes into a plastic bag, I took these out and the cashier put them into my bag. We will often use them when we’re visiting family and need to bring food/snacks as well. The fold up so nice and compact so you can throw them into your purse, keep them in your car or toss them your kitchen drawer until you need them.

1. Petite Meal Planner


This is my all time favorite Erin Condren item (aside from the Life Planner). I use this almost every week! I did a review of this on my YouTube channel, so if you want to see an entire walk-thru of the meal planner, click here.

The Petite Meal Planner comes with me every time I go to the grocery store. It’s so compact and easily fits into my purse. Yes, I could just use an app on my phone to plan out our meals or capture our grocery list, but I like that I have a history of the meals we’ve had over the weeks. It helps ensure I’m not doubling up on having a meal that we may have recently just had.

Check out my recent video where I talk about my favorite products!

Are you interested in purchasing some of these items or a Life Planner of your own? Use this link to SAVE $10 off your first purchase!




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