Choose Your Own Adventure

One thing I love about my neighborhood is that we have some beautiful walking trails. With MN finally feeling like Spring and being stuck at home since we’ve been on this Shelter in Place order, I’ve tried to get outside daily and go for a walk. If anything, my dog, Peanut, gives me a reason to get outside and go for a walk.

The other day as we were walking our normal route.  I should clarify, we don’t have a normal route, I have a favorite walking path to go on since it’s exactly one mile. Peanut always prefers to go on a different path, but this time, she followed my lead. It was a beautiful morning. The sun had just come up and it wasn’t too cold, but just comfortable. There was no one else on the trail and as we were walking, I could hear the birds chirping. It was so peaceful and calming.

At a point on the trail, you come to an intersection where the trail splits. Depending on which direction you’re coming from, you can either go straight or turn right. Or if you’re coming from a different direction, you can either go left, or right.

When we got to this intersection, I saw this message on the ground.

IMG_2931The first thing that came to my mind were the books I used to read as a kid. Do you remember those books called “Choose Your Own Adventure?” I probably just aged myself with this series, but for those of you who may not know what this series is about, I’ll fill you in. Choose Your Own Adventure was a series of books where the storyline was told from a second-person point of view. As the reader, you took on the role of the leading character, and made choices  of the character’s actions and outcome of the story. You would read a few pages, and it would ask you what you would do next. Based on how you responded, it would tell you to turn to a certain page. These books you could read over and over and have a different outcome every time.

CYOAOnce I was done reminiscing about my youth, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw on our walk. Since being on this Stay at Home order since March 17th, it’s allowed me to self-reflect and think about what I want to focus on and accomplish.

How often do we see signs in our lives that make us think about the decisions we’ve made? I’m sure I probably see signs all the time, but never stop to think if there’s a message somewhere. For me, sometimes the message has to be right in front of me, like the one I saw on our walk.

During this stay at home order, I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I’ve learned I never want to be on another webcast or call for a very long time after this is over. Having to be on 5+ webcasts/calls daily is a lot. I’ve learned I’m not meant to be sitting at a desk for eight hours. I’ve learned that I am stronger than I thought I was and can do a lot more than I sometimes give myself credit for. I’ve learned to teach myself new skills, such as decorating sugar cookies. I am no where near the point of being the next contestant on Cake Wars, or The Best Baker in America show, but I’m pretty impressed with myself. I’ve always loved to bake. Growing up, I’d bake chocolate chip cookies after school. During the holiday’s I loved to make Peanut Blossoms; these are probably still one of my favorite cookies! Lately, I’ve fallen back in love with baking, but focusing on sugar cookies and decorating. I’m still working on improving my skills and trying new techniques.

As I look back at the last couple of months and all that I’ve done, I chose to take the adventure of trying to learn something new and I’m so happy I did. It kept me busy instead of always lounging around (not that there’s anything wrong with that…trust me, I’ve been known to lounge around all day!)

Where will this adventure take me? Will I turn this cookie decorating into a business? I’m not sure. Right now I’m just having fun baking, practicing my technique and sharing my treats with family and friends.

What’s an adventure you’ve been wanting to take, but you haven’t yet walked down that path? What’s holding you back? You might surprise yourself with what you can learn about yourself and your strength.


Choose your own adventure today and see where it takes you!

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