Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Fall 2018


A couple of years ago, Erin Condren started offering seasonal surprise boxes. I’ve purchased every box, except the first one that was offered. There have been boxes that I’ve loved and ones that missed the mark in my opinion.

Today I’m sharing with you what’s inside the Fall 2018 Seasonal Surprise Box. I loved the Fall 2017 Seasonal Surprise Box (click here to watch an unboxing) So let’s see how I feel about this year’s Fall box.

This box has some amazing goodies, so let’s jump in and talk about what’s inside.

Can we first talk about the colors? These colors scream fall and are some of my favorite colors.


IMG_3077These boxes are released a few times a year throughout the different seasons. The cost is $35/box (which includes shipping), and the estimated value of this box with these contents are $64. There are some items that I loved from this box and some that I won’t necessarily use.

Majority of these items are exclusive to the box and two items are sneak peeks, which means it will be available for purchase in the near future.



These sticker sheets are exclusive to the box and I do like the clear stickers, however, the puffy stickers I wouldn’t necessarily use. Instead of wasting them, I did pair them with one of the seasonal cards (exclusive item) to add dimension. Aside from this, there’s not much else I would use the puffy stickers for.

Seasonal Cards (exclusive)* have been included in every box I’ve received. I always have good intentions of using the cards but always forget!


I love that there are some stationery and planning items included in the box. I always use the sticky notepads and this scalloped sticky notepad (exclusive) will definitely get used.

Washi has been included in some past boxes, but this new metallic foiled washi tape (sneak peek), is beautiful! I’ve downsized on my washi, but I could see myself using this in my planner.

This Designer Mechanical Pencil (sneak peek) is new. It’s a refillable pencil and while I like the grip of it, when I shake it, it sounds like there’s something lose inside. And while it’s advertised as being reusable, I’m not sure how to reload lead, as nothing twists off. It writes just fine and I’m someone who doesn’t use a pencil often, so I’ll probably just give this to my step daughter to use at school.


Interchangeable covers haven’t been included in some recent surprise boxes, so when I heard this box included a planner cover (exclusive), I was excited. Seeing the design in person is even more amazing. I absolutely love it. I had to put it on my planner immediately because it is so pretty in person. This cover will be staying on my planner for awhile.


This is by far my favorite item from the box! It’s a Metallic Asterisk Clutch (exclusive)* to the box. There was a clutch in the summer surprise box from 2017 that I use as a make up bag when traveling, and this would be another great clutch to use as a make up bag or to store essential items and keep in your car, purse or work bag. It has a beautiful peacock print inside with colors that compliment the outside color of the clutch.

Overall, this has become one of my favorite boxes with what was included. Did you get a Seasonal Surprise Box? What did you think of it? Let me know!

If you’ve never purchased from Erin Condren before and would like to get in on the next Seasonal Surprise Box or to just purchase some goodies for yourself, click here to save $10 on your first purchase!



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Exclusive* – These items are only available in the surprise box, but will be available at their flagship store in Austin, TX.